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Stephanie Tan

Stephanie Tan

Specialist Adult Educator

Stephanie is a Corporate Development Consultant, WSQ ATO Business Consultant and a DACE Certified Course Developer, providing consultancy and management services to medium and large size companies. She has served multiple clients across different sectors and frameworks ranging from Business Management, Leadership & People Management, Service Excellence, Creative Industries, Community Services, Food and Beverage, Media, Spa Services, Retail and Environmental Services. Over the years, she has developed more than 60 WSQ and Non-WSQ courses in these areas.

Stephanie has been appointed as a Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Development) under the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) network by Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL).  AEP aims to provide professional recognition to Adult Educators for both pedagogical and professional excellence, based on the Adult Educator’s achievements and contributions.

Prior to being a training consultant, Stephanie has more than 5 years of corporate development experience in one of the top five global library providers with significant presence in the Public Library market of Australia and New Zealand. One of her key roles during her appointment was to develop and implement staff training & development programme for 300 staff strength as well as responsible for attaining and maintaining of WSQ Approved Training Organisation status for the organisation.

Till date, under Stephanie’s consultancy and advisory services and curriculum development, she has managed more than 20 training organisations and has successfully brought these training organisations’ vision to greater heights through her dedicated project management approach and strong administration skills to ensure project and development are on task.

Stephanie as a director of 5 companies has a wealth of experience in business management, business finance, business strategies, administration and operations in managing a range of business services ranging from Consultancy Work, Training System Development, Learning Management, Marketing & Sales, Edutechnology Development, Media Production as well as Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Over the years she has applied Data Analytics extensively to understand problems faced by the companies, and to explore data in meaningful ways to identify business opportunities.

Over the 10 years in directorship, she has moved these companies servicing clients such as government agencies including SportSG, NTU, NIE, NUS, People’s Association, MOE, DSTA, and Group Business Organisations such as ClearSK Group, Marvele Group, China TaiPing Insurance, Educare International, just to name some. There are also many SMEs under her directorship that have gained business support and leverage to build their businesses.

In 2014, Stephanie has setup Wisdom Academy Pte Ltd with the purpose of providing, firstly, training and consultancy to SMEs, professionals, managers, executives and technicians; and secondly, self-developmental training, enrichment and counselling programmes to individuals who require personal effectiveness and career guidance and development.


  • ACTA Certified Trainer
  • Masters in Interional Management with Finance (Distinction), University of London, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Business (Business Administration) with Distinction, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia
  • Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE)