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Roland Ang

Roland Ang

Media & Musical Executive Producer, Film-Maker, Creative Director & Trainer

Roland, a 2007 National Day Honour with Commendation Medal Awardee for his contribution to Singapore education, is an entrepreneur in providing education & media technologies.

He has produced a series of media programmes that involved experienced and non-experienced actors in corporate, documentaries and drama short film. His experience in directing and managing these actors will able to provide wealth of knowledge for inexperience actors to able to fulfil the requirements for commercial acting especially for TVC, commercial short film and documentary productions.

Roland has 15 years of teaching experiences in Physics in public school education, leading student team for international robotics competitions. He is also ACTA certified and these makes him qualified to facilitate WSQ training programme and workshops, and instructional or explainer video productions. He is currently the Founder and Director of Education & Training of Wisdom Academy Pte Ltd, and also the Producer and Director of Film & Arts, a non-profit media programme, BounceSG, to promote Edutainment for Inspiration through creative works such as filming, songwriting, et cetera. He is also currently a Media Director & Producer for Corporate, Marketing and Instructional Video productions, and a Consultant & Corporate Trainer for business development and marketing media production.


  • ACTA Certified Trainer
  • NTU Honours in Mechanical & Production Engineering
  • NTU NIE Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  • NTU NIE Diploma in School Counselling
  • Master Degree in Counselling & Guidance
  • WSQ Directing a Production Film by Singapore Media Academy
  • Producer and Director of SG50 Project, BounceSG
  • 180 Shortfilm Competition organised by SMA with shortfilm, “Love Unspoken”, as the Top 12 Finalists with cinema screening at Golden Village
  • National Day Honors Commendation Medal Award for contribution to public school education and character development