E-Learning User Guide

The following series of videos provide a quick run through of the user guide. Use the contents section to find the relveant video you need.

  1. Register an account and login
  2. Course grid page
  3. Course main page
  4. Course structure
  5. Starting a course
  6. Interactive lesson content 1
  1. Interactive lesson content 2
  2. Learner profile page
  3. Lessons with topics or quizzes
  4. Quizzes
  5. Completing a course
  6. Navigation guide

1. Register an account and login

This video covers how to sign up for an E-Learning account and how to login to the system.

Duration: 2:15

2. Course grid page

This video covers how to use the course grid page, which shows a list of all avaliable courses.

Duration: 1:21

3. Course Main Page

This video explains the layout of the course main page.

Duration: 1:55

4. Course Structure

This videos explains the strcuture of a course. It details how the entire course is broken up into lessons, topics and quizzes. A course is comprised of lessons and quizzes. Each lesson can have more sub topics and quizzes attached to it.

Duration: 1:27

5. Starting a Course

This video explains how to start a course and begin the first lesson. Click on the first item under the course contents to access the first lesson. This brings you to the lesson page. Follow the instructions to complete the lesson and move on.

Duration: 2:07

6. Interactive lesson content

This videos explains how to interact with the interactive lesson content. Click on the fullscreen button to better interact with the content. Click on the next button to move on to the next slide. Once the slides are finished, exit fullscreen and click on “Mark Complete” at the bottom of the page.

Duration: 3:20

7. Interactive lesson content 2

This video explains how to interact with special slides on the interactive lesson content, such as tabs or process slides.

Duration: 2:25

8. Learner profile page

This videos introduces the learner profile page. You can track your progress through different courses on this page.

Duration: 1:27

9. Lessons with topics or quizzes

Certain lessons have extra topics or quizzes attached to them. This video explains how to progress through such lessons. There will be a lesson contents section on the lesson page. You will need to click on the items under the contents to access the topic or quiz.

Duration: 3:03

10. Quizzes

This video explains how quizzes work and how to work with different question types. Most importantly, you should always check the suggested answers before moving on from the quiz, especially for essay questions.

Duration: 4:12

11. Completing a course

This video explains what to do when you reach the final lesson or quiz in a course and how to know if you successfully completed it. You should automatically complete the course after clicking “Mark Complete” on the final lesson or after passing the final quiz. You should be brought back to the course main page where the progress bar should show 100% completion.

Duration: 1:17

12. Course navigation

This videos provides a quick guide on how to navigate the course website. There will usually be a breadcrumb trail at the top of a page to move back to previous pages. If not, there will be buttons at the top of the page or links at the very bottom to previous pages. Course and lesson pages will have content pages with links to different items.

Duration: 1:06