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Welcome to the Providing Infant Massage Course. This course will cover the basics of providing massage to infants. There will be 3 main sections.

Pre-Massage Activities

  • Maintaining Personal Hygiene and Grooming
  • Setting up Facilities and Products in Treatment Room
  • Observing safety and Health Guidelines
  • Benefits of Infant Massage
  • Signs and Symptoms that Restrict or Prohibit Treatment
  • Providing Clients with Advice and Information

Massage Processes and Technique

  • Selecting the Appropriate Massage Oil
  • Preparing the Infant for Massage Treatment
  • Carrying out Infant Massage
  • Infant Massage Tips

Post-Treatment Activities

  • Aftercare Advice
  • Obtaining Feedback


The course contents are below. Click on the lessons and complete them in order. You can track your progress with the progress bar above or with the ticks next to each lesson below. Complete the final lesson to complete the course.