BounceSG, this first video series produced in 2015 was supported by the SG50 Celebration Funding Committee as part of the SG50 Celebrations by a non-profit organisation – ZING  Creative Arts Ltd & ZING Media Pte Ltd (a media company). The challenge was a humbling experience but it was a great joy to narrate the inspirational stories through 9 short films during Singapore’s NDP 2015.

After 5 years, in 2020, Wisdom Academy , a WSQ Approved Training Organisation aims to continue this project with ZING to produce 1,000 videos till 2025 focusing on BounceSG Life Champions – people from all walks of life by starting to showcase 100 wisdom sharing to celebrate 55 years of nation building. Their testimonials and wisdom will be shared through their experiences on their journey to become a Life Champion in their own special way, no matter how small. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to leave a legacy video for future generations to draw on the insights, wisdom and contributions.

Life Champions’ Nation Building Stories may evolve from these themes:

1. FAMILY & COMMUNITY. Family building and bonding stories, overcoming lifes’ challenges, parenting, home & community values, social services and organisational skills. 

2. INDUSTRIALISATION & PRODUCTIVITY. Skills that contributed to the growth of the Singapore economy in all industries, big and small, during our early years.

3. SERVICE & EXCELLENCE. The superior service honed by our national airline and numerous establishments in the hospitality industry.

4. EDUCATION & TRAINING. Members of the teaching profession nurturing and educating the future generations as well as life long learning for the elders.

5. CHARITY & SOCIAL WORK. Care and concern for the less-privileged and lower-income strata of our population.

6. CULTURE & ARTS. Increasing and arousing the interest of all citizens  to the diverse culture and arts inherited from our forefathers.

7. HARMONY & PEACE. Strengthening the bonds of our multi-racial and multi-religious fellow citizens, a legacy built over decades.

This humongous project cannot be achieved by Wisdom Academy alone. We need the collaborative partnership of the ZING Group and several organisations, associations and communities in order to succeed. Wisdom Academy would like to first thank all partners for their support and their efforts for the success of this initiative


Programme 1: Be a Lifelong Learner, share your Wisdom and produce your own Legacy video

If you are a Singaporean or Singapore local and is willing to share your wisdom in nation building, no matter how small or big, you can be your own director of your video. Produce your life story into a legacy video so that your wisdom can be shared and passed down to many generations to come.

Programme 2: Be a Supportive Advocate to tell an existing Life Champion's story by creating a Legacy Video for him/her

Either you are a Singaporean, or Singapore local, and you would love to share about your parents/ grandparents’, or friends’ contribution to nation building.

Programme 3: Be a supportive organisation to its members in Lifelong Learning, creating own legacy video and promoting organisation mission and values

Any association, social organisation, community group or interest group to support by forming a group of 20 life champions from its community to share about their wisdom to nation building

Programme 4: Be a sponsor for documentary shortfilm production

If your organisation is a advocate of wisdom sharing and be an influence of the many generations to be more than a smart nation, then be sponsor to 10 Life Champion stories amd produce their life testimonies videos where their values can also be aligned with your organisational values and mission.


Interview Production

Produce a professional interview video showcasing a wisdom story.

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Event Video Productions

Produce a professional event video that tells a compelling wisdom story.


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Documentary or Music Video productions

Produce a professional mini-documentary video or music video that tell an interesting wisdom story.

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Shortfilm Productions

Produce a professional shortfilm to tell your wisdom story in a more dramatic approach.

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