Knowledge is Knowing What to Say, Wisdom is knowing when to say

The Founders and Team

Wisdom Academy Pte Ltd is a SkillsFuture Approved Training Organisation that offers corporate training and executive education courses through our WSQ training programmes heavily subsidised with government funding. Founders Roland Ang & Stephanie Tan together with their team of Key Opinion leaders and partners, in their own professional fields, aim to create a movement that enable the public and students to better understand themselves by having the end in mind. The end in mind is going beyond smartness but having Wisdom instead. With wisdom, we learn more of ourselves more effectively. With wisdom, we learn to be effective in adjusting and adapting to our environment. With wisdom, we are enable to communicate effectively and build good working relationships. And with wisdom, we are able to creatively problem solve and innovate; and thus, to benefit the people around us. But Wisdom also gives a person hope, and strengthen a person’s faith, which will bring joy in many ways and that will produce loves in its many forms. This is what Wisdom Academy’s founders and its team and partners believe. We also believe that through understanding wisdom and its power, human nature and mankind can bring positive benefits to everyone, and greater life fulfillment. And by working towards this aim to attain a higher level of wisdom, is bringing ourselves to be more compassionate, effective and cohesive as a society.

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